We like working in a small scale combined with having direct contact. That’s why we have divided the organisation into separate units. Each partner, with the help of a team of dedicated colleagues, will serve their own client’s portfolios. In addition to this, a number of tasks such as payroll administration and tax advice are centralised. As our client, you will have direct communication with fixed contacts, while also having all specialist knowledge available. This enables us to anticipate, remain flexible and respond quickly to rapidly changing current events.

Our client portfolio is very diverse and covers almost every conceivable branch, from retail to wholesale, IT to construction. The business size and structure of our clients also varies greatly from small businesses to highly extensive holding structures with hundreds of employees. In addition to mostly inter-regional clients, we also serve national and numerous international clients.

Sound, clear and up-to-date accounting is essential for every entrepreneur. This is because it provides you with all the important information you need to run your business and make well-founded important decisions. In addition, this information is crucial for preparing reliable forecasts, cost price calculations and business plans. Finally, accounting records are essential to account for your business afterwards, both internally and externally as well as to banks, tax authorities and other stakeholders. We therefore prepare annual accounts for our clients, supplemented with a filing report if necessary. We also prepare all required tax returns for you and your business.

We are not only concerned with the numbers, we also look at the reality behind them. 

We know that entrepreneurship is a lot more than just administration, and we therefore like to think pro-actively about it, by providing professional, clear and personal advice. This allows you to anticipate changes in time and fully focus on your business.

Every business is different. Want to know how our services fit your business? Get in touch with us. We are flexible and happy to think along with you on how to tailor our services perfectly to your business.